Charleston Museum

The Charleston Museum came to TTS to assist in the reinvention of their Special Exhibitions gallery. As part of the commemoration of the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, Threads of War: Clothing and Textiles of the Civil War is the first major show to appear in the new space. In an effort to maximize the flexibility of the gallery, TTS engineered and installed a series of continuous glass-front cases with highly adaptable LED lighting. In addition to the new exhibit, TTS also renovated a portion of the Museum’s lobby, turning unused gift shop space into a ‘teaser’ display and information area.

Our first project with the Charleston Museum was KidStory. Working with Museum staff, we developed a gallery designed especially to engage kids. Criteria for the new space included the creation of a safe, fun environment that would allow kids of all ages to explore and learn about local history, culture and wildlife. Since its completion in 2006, KidStory has been a well-received addition to the museum and a popular destination for children and parents alike.