Scenic Fabrication and Installation

TTS has a 20,000 square-foot workshop. Our fully-equipped facility and talented staff of technicians can produce items for a wide variety of applications, including small theatre productions, national Broadway tours and museum exhibitions, just to name a few. No matter how big or small the project, TTS guarantees the highest quality of product that often exceeds industry standards.

With metal-working, wood-working, CNC machinery, and paint shop, it is hard to conceive of a project that we cannot handle. From standard flats to complex automated moving scenery, TTS uses its resources wisely to give the designer exactly what they want for the project.

In addition to diligently installing any pieces that we build, we also focus on seamlessly integrating those pieces into an existing venue or show. It is our goal to ensure that the scenery functions well within the space and with all of the other technical elements involved. The most important thing we consider in scenic fabrication is the safety of the performers and crew. With our engineering skills, we can develop structures that will meet the highest safety criteria.

We are a drawing-focused shop. We do not build anything that we do not draw first. This helps guarantee that there are no surprises on the shop floor, which saves our clients valuable time and resources. In addition to construction drawings, we also provide the client with as-built drawings when requested that include detailed labels and bills of materials.