Theatrical Consulting

Whether a theatre is in need of a technological up-fit, full renovation, or completely new construction, TTS offers consulting services to help create the most efficient use of the space and budget. Everything from the stage size, to the layout of dressing rooms, to stage rigging, to lighting and sound positions; TTS advises through the eyes of the people who will be working in the space. We work with the architects to provide a space that is not only full of beauty and form, but just as importantly, full of function and practicality.

Most of our employees have spent several years on the road as managers of touring Broadway productions. Often, tours will visit up to of 200 different performance venues over the course of a year. The advantage here is that we have seen several beautiful and functional spaces, but we have also seen just as many impractical and non-functional spaces; allowing us the benefit of knowing what works well in a theatre, but more importantly knowing what does not work well. This is a unique skill set and quality that TTS possesses that sets our company at a different level than most other theatrical consultants.